Who is Dennis Michael McKenna?

He was the Principal Broker of his business, Summit Real Estate Management, LLC, in Portland, Oregon, but got his Oregon Real Estate license revoke because he made unauthorized transfers of cash, which total $693,400, from Pioneer Ridge Apartments (Pioneer Ridge) and Greenbrier Apartment Buildings (Greenbrier) to Summit by McKenna, for the period March 2000 through August 17, 2004. The transfers were allegedly from the tax escrow accounts, transferred by McKenna to fictitious money market accounts.

Who is Katrina Marie Raetz?

As of Feb 28, 2014 (10 years), she is the Principal Broker for Summit Real Estate Management, LLC, in Portland, Oregon. Some tenants have nicknamed her, "Christmas", because that's how long it takes for her to fix tenant complaints. It's about the next Christmas time! Age in 2021, she is 51 yrs old. (Linkedin)


How long can a dog bark legally in Oregon?

Washington County Ordinance 6.04.080 states, it is illegal for dogs to "Disturb...the peace, comfort, health or repose of any person of reasonable sensitivity by making loud, long, unnecessary and continuous noises." A dog that repeatedly barks, whines, screeches, howls, or makes other sounds heard beyond its own property can be deemed a continuous annoyance if it does so for 5 or more minutes of any 15 minute period. There are penalties for pet owners who do not obey the law. These include impoundment of the dog in Multnomah County and a fine of up to $311 in Washington County. 

Solving Barking Problems (pdf)